Traveling with Your E-Wallet

Traveling to other countries or cities can pose many challenges. One is that you need to think about your finances and carry a variety of payment and loyalty cards. But thanks to digital wallets like Jeton, you can relax and concentrate on enjoying your trip while the Jeton Wallet takes care of the rest.

Shop On The Go

Having an e-wallet lets you limit the number of cards you carry when you travel. All you need to do is pay via the e-wallet app on your smartphone or scan your smartphone device to a compatible NFC PoS system to make a successful payment. With Jeton Wallet there are hundreds of merchants online that you can shop from anywhere in the world. This lets you have a seamless and cash free buying experience that only takes a few seconds to complete!

Enhanced Security

An e-wallet can help reduce the risk that you fall prey to this exceedingly common crime while traveling on business. First and foremost, a digital wallet offers greater security while traveling than a billfold sitting in your back pocket. An e-wallet mitigates this problem entirely. Phones get stolen or lost too, but unlike physical wallets, phones can be used with passwords and biometrics.
These features, if turned on let you restrict access allowing only you to access your phone. Many e-wallet apps are often created in the cloud.
So your card data is securely accessible even when using a new phone. E-wallets also enforce secure transactions by using randomly generated payment codes and real time OTPs for payments made in-store or online.
If you loose your phone you can always access Jeton Wallet via desktop browser.

Greater Visibility and Reports

With Jeton you are always up to date on the current exchange rates and you are able to exchange money in more than 50 currencies. You could easily check your transaction history too.

Travel Industry Growth

The added convenience and security e-wallets provide can lead to greater sale for the travel industry as a whole and it may become an expected form of payment soon. By supporting digital wallet payments, travelers with mobile devices turn into walking point-of-sale terminals. Additionally, travelers can place meal orders, process rental car bookings, purchase vacation excursion packages or hard to book restaurant reservations while on board, allowing for partnerships across industries.

Send Money Or Receive Money In Seconds

Need to pay your friend for lunch or send your son cash while he’s at college? Don’t worry about running to the nearest ATM or sending a check in the mail. Send money securely with your Jeton Wallet account wherever you are. Just open your app, tap your wallet icon, type in the amount, and send it off! 


Jeton allows users to exchange money, make secure money transfers and online purchases. The better way to send money to those you love; simpler, faster, and safer.