Top 6 Money Personalities. Which one are you?

How do you act with money? Are you a “Money Star,” “Oblivious,” or “Penny Wise”? In this blog post, you’ll learn about different money personalities and the emotional connections people have to money. You’ll examine your money habits, identify your money personality, and discover how to balance spending and saving.

The Saver 🏦

Very often well organized (has a household book)
Loves to save and find bargains
Savers rarely spend money on superfluous things
Impulse purchases are rare
Savers get quickly stressed by debt
They seldom spend money in a spontaneous manner
They do not invest because they are afraid of losing money

The Big Spender 💸

Shopping make them happy.
At its most extreme, this behaviour can resemble alcoholism
They have a hard time saving money and prioritizing the things you’d like in your life.
Big Spenders view themselves as generous, but they also use money to make others think more highly of them.

Avoider 🤯

They have a hard time balancing their checkbook, paying their bills promptly, and doing their taxes until the very last minute.
Often not knowing how much money they have, how much they owe, or how much they spend.
Avoiding investing money, even if they do have some, because it seems like too much trouble to attend to such details.

Money Angel 😇

Money Angels think money is dirty, bad, and if you have too much of it, it will corrupt you.
They worry that they might “sell out,” becoming greedier and more selfish, and losing sight of positive human, political, and/or spiritual ideals and values.

Amasser 🤩

They are happy when they have large amounts of money at their disposal to spend, to save, and/or to invest.
If they are not actually spending, saving, or investing, they may feel empty or not fully alive. Amassers tend to equate money with self-worth and power, so a lack of money may lead to feelings of failure and even depression. If you hire an investment advisor or financial planner, their major concern will be finding investments with high rates of return, since they hope to make as much money as they can, as quickly as possible.

The free spirit 🧚‍♂️

The free spirit is a mixture of personalities. Some days they’re a scrooge because they have to be, sometimes they’re a show offs when they’ve got cash to blow, and sometimes they lend money to people they shouldn’t. They know they have the potential to be a mentor but they’re a bit of a procrastinator and not a massive fan of hard work. However, they’ve often wondered what financial success they could have if they did spend an afternoon sorting out their finances and mapping out things to do on their bucket list.

Which one are you?

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