Which Industries Could Work Best With Jeton Business

With the Jeton Business Account you can instantly accept payments from individuals around the globe, in over 50 currencies, increasing your check out conversions.

It’s free, quick and easy integration to our merchant payments platform means you can start taking payments in no time, with the added benefit of protecting your business from the risk of fraud with our top anti-fraud and security checks.

What industries could benefit with partnering with Jeton:


The retailers that stand to gain the most ground in today’s fast-evolving industry are those that build a streamlined online and in-store shopping experience that is second to none – and Jeton offers a powerful means of doing this. Having a digital payment gateway as an option has put a direct effect on the number of online retail shoppers. It is all utility-packed for the customers.


One of the main elements that can compel the potential eCommerce customer to leave or to stay on the site is Payment Method. It has been proven that people prefer shopping from those sites that provide them with various payment options.
The Jeton integration for eCommerce websites keeps vendors safe against fraud. Jeton’s transactions make sure that the customer is genuine and payment is made at the very instant of the purchase so that there are no payment issues in case of last-minute cancellations, deceit damage or return claims.


Popular with Forex traders around the world, the Jeton account is ideal when you need to move money fast across Forex platforms worldwide.The use of Jeton to deposit and withdraw funds in your Forex account can be a simple, secure and fast process. Jeton can be hooked up directly to your bank account, so once transferred into your Jeton account you have the option to hold it or transfer to your bank account.


With a Jeton digital wallet you can deposit and withdraw with 6 different cryptocurrency – ideal for beginners and the initiated alike.

Protect your business

We utilise the best online payment security standards, fraud protection tools and identity controls available, as well as conducting rigorous identity checks on all our customers – giving you total peace of mind when taking payments worldwide.

Our top security controls limits your exposure to fraud and identity theft, minimising bad debt, and all transactions are 100% indemnified, meaning your guaranteed protection against fraud.

  • Data security with PCI DSS Compliant, 256-bit encryption and multiple firewalls.
  • Identity controls including real-time identity and age verification scrubbing technology.
  • Transaction verification including velocity controls, security code checking, real-time transaction monitoring.

Get your business account within minutes and manage your financials with ease.