Reasons You Should Use Contactless Payment More Over Cash

As more people worry about catching coronavirus from touching cash and credit-card terminals, a onetime niche technology is roaring into the mainstream.

Use of contactless mobile payments is surging as people come to see their phones as the safer way to pay. They’re also using mobile apps tied to payments, like Jeton, to place delivery or pickup orders for groceries.

With contactless pay, you link a bank account or credit card to your phone and then tap the device on a contactless reader or hover over it to trigger payment. As more people embrace contactless technology and get used to paying that way, consumer behaviour is likely going to change for good.

Here are few reasons why you should start paying with Jeton instead of cash.

1. Cleaner Way to Pay

In a recent Mastercard survey focused on the implications of the coronavirus pandemic, 82% of respondents worldwide now view contactless as the cleaner way to pay, and 74% state they will continue to use contactless payment post-pandemic. Some even avoided withdrawing or handling potentially “dirty” cash altogether, with ATM transactions down by over 60% since lockdown began. There have been numerous concerns over the spread of the novel coronavirus whilst handing cash. A`few countries even went on and started cleaning their banknotes using ultraviolet light. One thing is for sure contactless payments minimises the risk of of contracting the virus through cash.

2. Traceable records

All purchases on Jeton are recorded, allowing you to monitor your expenses made via your bank or card statements.
This safety feature comes in handy when you need to dispute or cease an unauthorized transaction.

3. Multi-layered Security in Your App

Whilst cash may offer you complete anonymity from data thieves, EMV chip enabled cards offer a more thorough form of payment authentication, providing an extra layer of payment security. How so? Dynamic data is created, making each chip transaction unique and virtually impossible to replicate. This unique transaction code is also useable only during that particular purchase transaction, preventing thieves from re-using it for other transactions.

4. Contactless Payment Methods are Recoverable, Cash Isn’t

Due to its anonymous nature, if you lose your cash, it’s gone. Payment cards and apps can be cancelled and replaced swiftly and remotely.

While we’re closer than ever to becoming a purely cashless society, and the shift towards that eventuality seems to be accelerating, deeply engrained behaviours and sheer force of habit mean doing away with cash altogether is still a near impossibility.