How to Use Jeton in Poland

Transfer Money Online from Poland

Poland’s eCommerce market has grown substantially over the past few years. Only 10% of online transactions in the country are made with credit cards. Polish people prefer using bank transfers, mobile billing and eWallets as their main payment method. 

This post is a quick guide of how to use Jeton Wallet in Poland. 

Sending money to family and friends is faster and cheaper with Jeton. You can now make fast, secure deposit with 0% fee in Poland with our trusted payment service. 

How to Deposit Money in Your Account?

Polish customers can deposit money via credit/debit card or an instant bank transfer without any fee. 

How to Withdraw Money from Your Jeton Account

You can withdraw money in Poland via the SEPA network. 

SEPA was set up by the European Commission to enable customers to make fast and secure transfers between bank accounts anywhere in the Euro area. 

Why Choose Jeton?

With Jeton Wallet, you can send money to Poland and around the world 24 hours a day, 365 days a year from the comfort of  your own home in just a few clicks. 

  • Competitive cheap fee exchange rates 
  • Secure transfers direct to any PLN, EUR bank account
  • Easy to send money by debit card or bank transfer

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