How to Use Jeton in Luxembourg

Transfer Money Online to Luxembourg

Luxembourg is a developed country, with an advanced economy and one of the world’s highest GDP (PPP) per capita, as well as being one of the smallest countries in Europe. It is a small but wealthy nation and this is reflected in the country’s e-commerce market, which is characterised by high smartphone penetration and solid growth.
Not long ago, traditional finance institutions and money transfer agents were the only way to send money to Luxembourg. As there is now a significant demand for these money transfer services and there are various restrictions which apply to international money transfers, the existing services are able to impose high transfer fees and to offer poor exchange rates, which make these expensive ways to remit money. But in recent years, sending money internationally has become a lot easier. Thanks to developments in the internet it is now possible to make remittances simply, inexpensively and securely online, so people now regularly remit money online through foreign exchange specialists, such as Jeton.
If you need to send money to Luxembourg or make regular money transfers to Luxembourg then Jeton Wallet is the best option for you.

What is Jeton?

Jeton uses a smart new approach to allow people to send and receive money safely from abroad without the high fees added by most high-street financial services. The system is beautifully simple.

Benefits of Using Jeton Wallet

Sending money to Luxembourg through a Jeton will be the ideal solution seeing as service is exclusively focused on foreign currency exchange as our specialisation in the area means that we can offer you some of the best exchange rates on the market and charge you low transfer fees. Please visit our fee page for more info.
Transaction costs are always transparent, unlike some other providers which add a markup to the real exchange rate in addition to their fees.
Arrange your transfer online for convenience.
Jeton is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, and trusted by thousands of people around the world.
Suitable for both business and personal use.

How to Open a Jeton Account

Opening a Jeton account takes just a few minutes and you can do it from anywhere in the world. One account lets you send money transfers with cheap fees, pay with your phone and shop online with a virtual card.

To join Jeton you will need to visit our website and click on the Sign Up button. From there you have to follow the steps described in our previous article ‘How to open an account with Jeton’.

After you have been verified you will be able to fund your account and start sending money locally and abroad.
How to Transfer Money to Luxembourg
It will be really easy to send money on Jeton and the transfer will be tailored to your personal requirements. Due to our 24/7 online payments system you can remit money conveniently at a time and from a location which suits you. All you will need to do is register for a Jeton account, which will take a matter of minutes. Once registered you will then need to add your beneficiaries to your account, so we will need to know their email address, phone number or Jeton User ID.