How to Shop Online with Jeton

When it comes to online payments we have always aimed to make that experience flawless. We know a positive online shopping experience is all about the speed, service, security and overall convenience. Mobile users need a secure way to pay without re-entering personal financial information every time. 

Jeton Wallet is the answer to streamlining the customer’s buying process.   

Why you should shop with Jeton

  • Higher protection – your personal details and financial statements are safe with us. Shopping with Jeton is safer than a credit card. We have two levels of  security. One is the  PIN number to get into the phone and the second  is  the pin required to access your account.
  • High Speed – you can pay fast with just a few steps.
  • Convenient – shop from anywhere around the world with your mobile or desktop computer. 
  • Easy – Navigating Jeton is easy and you only need an email address and password.

How to shop with Jeton in a few easy steps

  1. Sign Up – it takes just a few minutes to open a Jeton account. 
  2. Add funds to your account  – Click on the Deposit button to fund your Jeton Wallet. 
  3. Spend Online – if the website you’re making an online payment is a Jeton partner then you will see our logo at the checkout. Choose Jeton and you will be redirected to the login page. Log in to your Jeton account and follow the steps to complete your payment.