How to Send Money to Romania

Send Money Online to Romania

You could be sending wages back to support a family in the capital city of Bucharest or maybe you are drawing a pension from abroad and need to send money to Romania to finance your retirement in the dramatic Balkan Mountains or the sunny Black Sea coast. Whatever reason for transferring money to Romania, it is worth checking out the options available in order to ensure that you get the best deal for your money transfer.

Best Way to Send Money Online

Here is why Jeton is the best way to send money to Romania.

-Easy, Fast and more Efficient
No more lines at the bank, no more having to search for the right card, just a couple of clicks and that’s it. With Jeton sending money is as easy as sending a message, or if you must, you can also use it in stores by scanning a code or by bringing your smartphone close to the credit card machine which detects your digital wallet and you are done! It´s incredibly easy to use, much faster than cash or card and much more efficient at any given time.

Jeton Wallet represent instantaneous online purchases, payments, receiving, sending, etc. With Jeton, you can perform transactions and checkout in minutes or even seconds by using your smartphone, tablet and desktop all from the comfort of your own home.

– Extra Security
When it comes to your everyday physical wallet, you could lose it! In case you do, you will not only lose your money but your cards, your documents, license… all which you will have to call to cancel and go through the hassle of getting new ones. And do we need to mention the danger that is to your identity? With Jeton Wallet, an ID or passport is needed, protecting your funds and information making you the only person who can access it. Also, whenever you use Jeton, you never give away your actual card number because each transaction is protected by what is called tokenization which is constantly changing in order to keep your information safe. Making it safe to say that using Jeton can be safer than using your credit card.

How to Send Money

Send money online in 3 easy steps:
1. Register a Jeton account or log in to your wallet.
Registering to Jeton Wallet is quick and straightforward. For those of you wanting a step-by-step guide please check ‘How to sign up to Jeton’.
2. Select a receiver.
Choose who do you want send the money (you’ll need their email address and phone number) and how much you want to send.
3. Confirm your transaction.

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