How to Send Money to Ireland

Transfer Money Online to Ireland

Transferring money these days is an essential part of our lives. Reasons can include paying household bills, healthcare, education, and general living costs. Sometimes people send money to themselves if they have a mobile phone or bank account overseas.

Best way to Send Money to Ireland

Jeton is an online service that allows you to send money abroad from a smartphone, tablet or computer. Jeton Wallet offers greater convenience than traditional money transfer services that often require their customers to travel to a high-street agent. These older, more traditional services also tend to charge higher fees.
With Jeton you see our low fees and the best exchange rates up front, with no hidden costs.

What Services Does Jeton Offer?

– Money Transfers
– Online Shopping
– Virtual Card
– Currency Exchange
– Cryptocurrency Exchange

How to Send Money to Ireland

Sending money to Ireland is relatively easy and straight forward.
The first thing you need to do is open a free wallet with Jeton. Then you must verify your account by providing a form of identification and a proof of address. Verification is important because we are able to keep the Jeton service safe. By asking for official identification, we are able to verify that people sending money are who they say they are.
You must provide a Jeton registered mobile phone number or an email address for the recipient. You can even send money with their Jeton User ID. We use the recipient’s mobile number and email address to send them notifications about the progress of their transfer.

Usually your money will arrive into your recipient’s Jeton Wallet instantly – and we’ll send both of you an SMS or an email as soon as it has.

You can even send to someone who hasn’t yet signed up to Jeton, if they are in a country where the Wallet is available – we’ll take care of the rest! Once you’ve sent them money, we’ll send them an SMS explaining that they just need to download the Jeton app and register for their Wallet to access it. Money is paid to their Wallet when they complete their registration.

Where can I send money from?

Jeton is available to senders in 100 countries.
You must set your send from country based on where you live at the time of creating the account. If you need to change your country, please contact us.
The available payout options vary depending on the country you are registered in, and the country you are sending to.