How to Send Money to India

Send Money Online to India

If you’re not an Indian resident and you are looking for the best way to send money to India, be it for business purposes, housing payments or to a family, you’ve reached the right place. 

Many individuals are confronted with obstacles like finding cheap fees, paying higher charges and complicated traditional methods of sending money to India

Transfer Money Online to India 

Gone are the days where you need to queue in front of a bank to send money to a friends or family. Nowadays, the best way to send Indian Rupees, or any other currency for that matter, is through a digital wallet like Jeton. With Jeton, everyone from individuals to SMEs to corporates can now transfer money to India cost-effectively from anywhere, anytime.

Moving away from the conventional methods of sending money and rather transacting online is the least expensive and most advantageous method of transferring money to India from any place around the world.

How to Send Money 

All you need to do to set up an overseas transfer is follow these simple steps.
Start by opening a Jeton account, it only takes a few minutes to complete the process. Verify your account to unlock all the features Jeton offers.
Start your transfer by going to the ‘Send’ button.
Enter the amount you wish to  send – pay in GBP or Euro with your debit card or credit car, or send the money from your wallet.
Enter the email, phone number or Jeton User ID of the recipient and click continue.

What if the Person Doesn’t Have a Jeton Account?

You can still send money even if the person is not registered on Jeton’s platform. The recipient will get an email or an SMS notification where they will need to create an account to get their money. After they have  signed up to Jeton they can withdraw their money by transferring to an Indian bank account or chose another withdrawal method.  


How safe is it to send money to India?

When it comes to digital wallet, security is probably your biggest concern, so let’s take a look.

Because Jeton has to comply with financial regulations, we have very high standards for identity verification. Jeton also uses encryption, and requires users to utilise 2-factor authentication whenever they log in.

Sending money to India is safe and secure. There are strict compliance controls in place to ensure safe delivery of your money.