How to Send Money to Iceland

Send Money Online to Iceland

In this era of globalisation, international money transfers have become a necessity for individuals as well as business. Everyone today is looking for an accessible money transfer method that’s cost-effective as well as convenient. While a lot of people still prefer banks and money transfer operators for transferring money abroad, little do they know how much money they are losing in the process.

Jeton is here to change all that via it’s cheap fees and fast transfer speed.

The Best Way to Send Money to Iceland

Jeton is completely transparent when it comes to sending money. You get to see the exact break-up of your transaction on the final receipt and also the amount your beneficiary will receive. The best part is that we process your transactions faster than most banks where the process could hold up your money for up to a week.

Jeton’s service offers:

– Global connectivity 

– Cheap fees – transfer money online and save on the transactional fee. Make sure you get the best value when sending money to your family. 

– Online Security – you can be confident your money is secure when using Jeton to do a transfer to Iceland. 

– Support Team

How to Send Money to Iceland 

To send money to Iceland make sure to Sign Up with Jeton today and experience seamless and cost-efficient money transfers from any corner of the world. Our easy flow and user-friendly onboarding process ensure that you enjoy fast, cheap and hassle-free transfers to Iceland.

We keep you posted about your transaction at every stage of its journey.

After you sign up and verify your account you can start sending money. Just enter your recipient’s email address and phone number you registered in or Jeton ID and the amount you wish to send.

Best App to Send Money to Iceland

Send Money to Iceland on the go with our mobile app, and stay up to date at every stage of your transfers with our email updates. The app empowers you to make online payments, send money to a friend or relative, and exchange cryptocurrencies. Save considerably from transaction costs when transferring money abroad with Jeton’s low and transparent fees. Choose from a wide variety of currencies supported.

Our amazing customer support team is on standby to help you when you need them. Get an answer to your question, fast with the Live Chat option.