How to Receive Money in Poland

Best Way to Receive Money from Abroad in Poland

There are approximately 20 million poles living abroad and many still have strong ties with their home country. This means they also send a lot of money to Poland but even more could arrive if they were using more efficient ways to make the international money transfers. 

Whether you send money to support your family, make gift to a close friend, or transfer money to your saving accounts in zlotys, Jeton will help you save a lot of time on your money transfer to Poland. 

Why use Jeton?

Jeton Wallet app, available for both iOS and Android, makes it easy to send to send and manage your money in Poland and track transactions right from your phone. You  can check our exchange rates and manage your recipients at any time and from anywhere around the world so your loved ones are never left out of pocket. 

How to Receive Money from Abroad in Poland

Receive money to your Jeton Wallet and easily withdraw your funds as cash or spend it online. 

All you need to receive money online with Jeton is an email address and a phone number. Any money sent to you is deposited and available instantly for you to access. 

If the recipients are not a Jeton customers, they can still get their money. They will receive a notification that they have a transaction waiting. After creating a Jeton account they can access their money. 

Jeton Fees to Receive Money in Poland

As an international money transfer specialist, we are committed to providing the fastest, cheapest money transfers to Poland. That starts with our super-low transfer fees. 

If you are the receiver, the first five transactions are FREE. As of the 6th send transaction within the same month, 2.50% fee is taken from the receiver per transaction.