How to Receive Money in France

Transferring Money to France

Where and how you get your money are important aspects of a stay in France. While living in France, the ability to transfer money into the country is an extremely important piece of knowledge. You may find yourself needing to top up your e-wallet, or you may even need to soon make a costly emergency purchase. Booming smartphone usage has shown that digital wallets like Jeton are the way of the future.

Best Way to Receive Money in France

Having Jeton as your go to digital wallet helps you make quick and secure transactions between your friends and family. Jeton is convenient, it eliminates the need to carry any physical wallets. Nowadays, many common stores have begun utilizing the mobile wallet services, which makes it easier to receive money and make physical and online purchases. You can also keep track of all of your transactions in one place, instead of having to carry a wallet full of cards and keep track of each one individually.

With Jeton you access and manage 50 currencies, advanced reporting and analytics all from just one account.

How to Receive Money in France 

It’s quick and easy to sign up for a Jeton account, after verificiation you’ll then be free to send money abroad and receive funds in France when you need to. 

Receiving money with Jeton is incredibly easy. Whenever someone wants to send you money you will need to provide them with your Jeton email address or the phone number you registered with. Alternatively you can receive money with your Jeton User ID. The money will be with you instantly.

Jeton Fees to Receive Money in France

Receiving money for the first five times within a month is completely FREE. After the sixth transaction however, you will be charged a flat 2.5% fee.

How long does it take?

Transferring from one Jeton account to another is instant.

Is Jeton safe? 

We are proud to provide the highest standards of fraud and risk managementYour account information is encrypted, and can only be accessed via password or, with some mobile devices, your fingerprint. If you lose your phone, you are able to lock down everything remotely and if you lose your phone, you will not have to request new cards with new numbers. You can use our virtual Jeton Card in your phone to make mobile safe payments.

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