How to Receive Money in Egypt

Transfer Money Online to Egypt

Today, digital solutions have become a necessity to help achieve sustainable development in various sectors. Egypt’s digital transformation journey began a few years ago yet has now achieved tangible and notable results.

To date, over 32 million payment cards, and more than 14 million mobile wallets have been issued in total across the nation. These figures indicate an increase in the number of people adopting digital payment solutions and a step forward for Egypt becoming a digital society.

Many of these solutions are driven by fintech, especially in reaching the non-banking population.
The development of payment applications is helping address consumer needs and delivering services and goods in a convenient manner.

Best Way to Receive Money in Egypt

With Jeton you can send and receive money with the click of a mouse or a tap on your screen. We are proud to offer a truly international money transfer service, with 50 currencies supported – we enable you to transfer money with automatic currency conversion.

Jeton can save people time and effort, by facilitating personal transactions and helping small online business owners run their projects. Additionally, people in disadvantaged communities and remote areas that want to make urgent payments without expensive and time consuming travel to conduct their money transfers. 

So whether it’s for a birthday present, money you owe a friend or helping a family member abroad, you can quickly and easily send them money.

How to Receive Money Online in Egypt

When senders use our money transfer service, other Jeton members around the world can accept the money instantly. As long as they have an online account from Jeton, it just takes a few simple clicks. The receiver needs to provide the giver with their Jeton registered email, phone number or their Jeton User ID.

If you are not registered with Jeton you can still receive money. You will receive a notification on your email or phone number  that will prompt you to sign up to Jeton and access your funds.

How Secure is Jeton?

Keeping your information safe is our top priority, and we help protect your information by keeping it in a secure environment. When you use your Jeton account, your personal financial information is not shared with anyone and your payment method is not disclosed.

By using Jeton, you reduce the possibility of your personal information being exposed online and adds a layer of protection against viruses, spyware and attacks from hackers.