How to Fund Your Account in Japan

In recent years, Japan has embarked on a campaign to lessen its reliance on traditional cash transactions, marking a notable departure from its historically cash-centric culture. This effort shows a big societal shift towards embracing digital payment solutions, with the proportion of cashless transactions doubling since 2018 alone. 

As a nation with deep habits of cash usage, this transition signals a pivotal moment in Japan’s financial landscape, ushering in an era of convenience and efficiency in money transactions.

In this transformation, Jeton Wallet has emerged as a popular choice in Japan’s cashless revolution. With thousands of Japanese consumers already onboard, Jeton Wallet offers a versatile platform that allows simple payments across hundreds of websites and swift, cost-effective international money transfers.

Jeton’s Deposit Methods in Japan

Currently, Japanese Jeton Wallet users can deposit money to their accounts in three simple ways. Below, we’ve shared detailed explanations of each process. 

  • Japan Bank Transfer

In order to use this method, navigate to the Deposit section and choose Japan Bank Transfer from the drop down menu. The next page will ask you to enter the amount of money you wish to deposit. After you enter the amount, you will be prompted to the final depositing action where you will have to add your bank details. This funding method might take from 1 to 3 business days.

  • Credit Card

You will find the Credit/Deposit method once you’ve selected the Deposit button. Click Continue, and you will be taken to the next step, which is adding the amount you are ready to deposit. Choose an amount and select the purpose of the deposit. There are two options to choose from: gambling or e-commerce. After you make the selections click Continue. In the final step you can enter the card details and finish the transfer. The transfer duration is instant.

  • Cryptocurrency

If you prefer to fund your account with cryptocurrencies, you’ll need to choose Cryptocurrency on the Deposit menu and continue to the next steps. Enter the deposit amount and sending details. You can choose between the myriad of cryptocurrencies, including the high-profile Bitcoin. Once you choose the desired cryptocurrency, you will reach the final step with the QR code wallet address. Make sure you’re entering the right information. Click continue to finish the process and you’re done!

Secure and Fast Money Transfers with Jeton Wallet in Japan

Use Jeton Wallet to send and receive money quickly and securely in Japan. It’s simple to fund your account, and security is our first priority. Jeton complies with stringent financial standards, guaranteeing strong encryption and identification verification. Furthermore, two-factor authentication offers an additional degree of security. Our round-the-clock support staff takes care of any queries or problems right away. In Japan, keep your head cool and rely on Jeton Wallet for hassle-free digital payments and easy transactions.