How to Do a No Spend Challenge

Wouldn’t it be nice to pay off debt, become completely debt-free, or heck save six figures! Well, you can, and it all starts with a no-spend challenge.

Having frequent no spend challenges has enabled us to do everything I just listed and so much more! If you’re looking to save extra money this week, month, or even over a year, this money challenge is a must.

Why Do A Money Challenge 

Taking a break from spending money has lots of benefits. Just like when you fast from food, you discover all the bad eating habits you had when you stop spending money. You’ll also find out more about yourself and your money.

Obviously, going a period of time without spending money will help you save more. You’ll have more money to use towards paying off your debts or saving up for a vacation or a new car.

Doing this challenge will also help you see how you view spending.

Make a Plan

In order to have a successful no spend challenge in 2019, you need to make a plan for it.

Make a budget, stick to it, and figure out how you are going to be successful with it. These tips help you make your plan but you still need to put it together.

Decide how long you want to do it and how you are going to get there. If you decide that during the no-spend challenge you may have things come up, plan for it.

The primary goal of the no spend challenge is to not spend money however, that isn’t 100% possible. You still need to pay your bills. get gas, and any events that are already planned.
The goals is to limit spending and cut out all impulse spending. If you have your plan, it will be easier to follow through.

How can You succeed in doing a no-spend money challenge?

It probably won’t be as hard as you might think to be able to succeed at your no-spend challenge.

First, if you do a full no-spend challenge, you will need to get organised and do some meal planning. And you will probably need to get creative with your meal planning if you decide  to cut your grocery budget during that time.

You can of course search online for some great ideas for recipes that have the ingredients you have on hand that you are trying to use up, or you can just wing it and see what concoctions you can create. You’ll likely even find some new family favorites!
You can even make the challenge into a game, to help keep things from getting too serious. With your family, once you have determined a goal for how much you want to plan to save, see how quickly you can do it or if you can even exceed your savings goal—or even better, do both!

What If I Spend Money During the Challenge?

Don’t beat yourself up about it. There may be some things that come up unexpectedly that you decide to spend money on. It’s not the end of the world. However, don’t use it as an excuse to abandon the challenge altogether.
If you mess up or decided to go to an unplanned event or something like that, it’s okay. The goal is to not spend money. Just refocus and get back to it.


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