How Can You Accept International Payments?

Small businesses that sell their products or services to international clients need to develop safe and effective methods for accepting payments internationally. The best international payment option for your business will vary depending on the specific country in which your client is based. To accept international payments, companies should choose a good platform of their overseas client and choose a secure international payment method that allows them to get paid quickly and securely.

What Is an International Payment?

An international payment is a business transaction between a buyer and a seller that crosses national borders and often involves at least two currencies. When money moves across a border into a new country, that money needs to be converted from the original currency to the currency of the new country.

Companies that do business with clients that are based overseas will need to establish a system for accepting international payments. Getting paid by international clients is more complicated than accepting payment within the US or UK for example. You need to make sure you select payment solutions that are secure and that don’t charge unreasonable transaction fees.

How to Accept International Payments

Small businesses can use a variety of methods to accept payments from clients based overseas. Jeton Business provides you with the cross-border payment methods listed below:


You can accept online payments from international clients.

Advantages of Online Payments:

Ease of use: Jeton’s payment services are simple to navigate and require just your basic banking details to begin processing payments.

Quick processing times: Jeton’s payment services boast quick processing times. Often, the money will land in your account within just a few days.

Strong security: With heavy security and encryption used for every international transfer, online payments are one of the most secure methods of accepting payments from overseas.


International wire transfers are a common overseas payment method. A wire transfer is an electronic exchange of money between two bank accounts, using a network like SWIFT.

Advantages of Wire Transfers:

Fast processing time: When a client sends you money through a wire transfer, the funds will usually be made available in your bank account almost immediately.

Highly secure: Because the transactions are made directly between two banking institutions, wire transfers are a secure payment method for international transfers.

Currently Jeton accepts payments within the SEPA zone and only in Euro. 

Here are some of the benefits of using Jeton Banking for your business:

You can get an IBAN account in EUR currency to manage your business’ fundings by opening a Jeton Banking account. You can send and receive money from SEPA zone countries with favourable fees.

You may open up to five IBAN accounts for your business without any additional fee, and transfer money between those IBAN accounts in minutes.

If you’re a Jeton Connect merchant, you may add money to your IBAN account from your Jeton Connect wallets. We’re working relentlessly on new Jeton Banking features.