Get €5 Cashback When You Deposit with Trustly for The First Time in Finland

From all the European countries, Finland has been a frontrunner in the so called ‘cashless revolution’ with card and mobile payments overtaking cash payments.

According to Daily Finland, more than 80% of all payments in the country are made via debit or online banking.

We are proud to provide the Finns with the best way to send and receive money, an excellent online payment solution that is reliable and secure.

Customers from Finland now have the option to make deposits with Trustly.

What is Trustly?

Trustly provides the ability to make online payments directly from your bank account in a secure way. In addition to allowing for quick and easy payments, no sign-up or software installation is required. The method is registered with Finansinspektionen, the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority, which ensures the highest levels of security and financial standards are followed. In addition to allowing for quick, easy deposits and withdrawals, no sign-up or software installation is required. Instead, you transact directly from your internet banking facility. This convenience and ease of use, coupled with reliability and security, make Trustly – Direct bank e-Payments an ideal payment solution.

To reward our Finish Jeton Wallet holders who want to try this depositing method we have launched a €5 cashback campaign for everyone who fund their account for the first time via Trustly. Deposit €10 or more and get €5 back!

How to deposit with Trustly method.

When funding your Jeton account you need to choose Trustly as a depositing method option and then you will be forwarded to their website to login to your bank account through Trustly.
We’ll direct you to the Trustly Banking website, where you can choose your bank.
Securely log-in to your bank, using your online banking credentials
Complete the deposit directly from your online banking.
We’ll get a confirmation telling us that your deposit is complete.

Is Trustly safe?

Yes. Trustly uses the same secure encryption as banks. Trustly is a licensed payment institution authorized and supervised by the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority.

Are there any extra fees for depositng with Trustly?

There are never hidden extra fees using Jeton. The total you need to pay is outlined when you create a transaction. There is no fee for depositing money into your wallet with Trustly.

How long does a Trustly deposit take?
When depositing into your Jeton account – it usually takes under 24 hours for Jeton to receive the money. It’s possible that your bank may hold the money instead of realising it straight away and this can delay the process. If this happens, the best thing to do is contact your bank’s authorisation department.


*UPDATE: This campaign is now over.