Financial Gifts Your Friends and Family Would Love During the Holidays

Financial gifts your loved ones would love during the holidays.

Inspiring Books

This out-of-print book published in 1991 is one of the most sought-after investing books out there and probably a collectible item (or at least quite expensive at nearly $1,400 a copy). Seth Klarman, a value investor, provides insight into the philosophy of and logic behind value investing in this book, whose full title is “Margin of Safety: Risk-Averse Value Investing Strategies for the Thoughtful Investor.” Klarman heads the Baupost Group, one of the world’s biggest hedge funds.


Gold has always been a mark of wealth, looked up to as a safe haven in times of economic uncertainties, and served to be an effective portfolio diversifier. It has always occupied a distinguished emotional value in the hearts of millions of Indians, passed on to generations, and gone on to strengthened family bonds.

Gold as an asset class is looked upon as one of an important strategic asset class that offers an effective hedge as a safe haven during global uncertainty and a shield against inflation.

This holiday season, instead of gifting physical gold (bars, coins, jewellery) to children or spouse; consider gifting gold in this novel, smart way — in the form of Sovereign Gold Bond, Gold ETFs and/or a Gold saving fund.

SGBs are issued by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) on behalf of the government at the issue price in denominations of 1 gram of gold and in multiples thereof. These come with a tenure of eight years (with an exit option at the end of the fifth year to be exercised on the interest payment date), and are tradable on the exchange. Until five years, investments in SGBs are subject to lock-in.

Both, gold ETF and a gold savings fund are smart ways to invest in gold without actually tangibly holding it because you will not have storage concerns or worry about theft.

Gold ETFs arepassive investmentinstruments that are based on gold prices and invest in gold bullion. Because of its direct gold pricing, there is complete transparency on the holdings of an ETF. Further, due to its unique structure and creation mechanism, the ETFs have much lower expenses as compared to physical gold investments.

Stock Exchange the Board Game

Future retirees can put their financial skills to the test in this game for investors of all ages. Buy and sell your way to success, moving from an aggressive strategy early in the game to a safer, more stable approach as you achieve your goals. Make your money, retire and win as art imitates life. Or so you hope.

An investment or contribution to a saving account

People generally become interested in investing once they have skin in the game. If you try and talk about investing to someone who doesn’t invest, the conversation more often than not falls on deaf ears. Once you give someone skin in the game and they see an amount of money grow, they very quickly become interested and saving and investing becomes a higher priority in their life.

You could set them up with an investment platform, ISA or personal pension if you would like the money to be locked away.

For more guidance on this if it is something you would like to do, fell free to get in touch with us.

A collectable item

Find something that will appreciate or at least hold its value over time. This may require a little more research and thought but it is definitely worth it. This kind of present will always be more cherished than an electrical gadget and if they do find themselves between a rock and a hard place in the future, it could prove to be a lifeline.

An account with Jeton

Why don’t you introduce your loved ones with the easiest way to transfer money worldwide – Jeton. An account with Jeton would give them a cheaper way to send and receive money from anywhere around the world. It is also a great and safe way to make purchases online and earn cashback with every transaction.