Change The Way You Think About Money With These Books

If you want to transform your financial habits and the way you think about money in general, you may want to enhance your financial knowledge by reading one of these books.
These four books challenge the traditional view of money and start you on a path to achieving true financial independence. They might even make money less of a subject to fear. They can also help you kickstart your financial journey and change the way you think about money.

1. Rich Dad Poor Dad

One of the best-selling personal finance books by Robert T. Kiyosaki. It can help you open up your mind on how to improve your financial knowledge.
Kiyosaki writes a lot about earning income from more than one source, and he talks about using real estate to build wealth. The book is written in an entertaining way with a simple language that everyone can understand.
This is a good choice if you are looking to build wealth and become financially independent. 

2. Happy Money: The Japanese art of making peace with your money by Ken Honda

This book is a nice combination of Zen philosophy and financial management. This is an awesome read, not only because you will learn how to embrace what it means to give and use the tools you already possess to understand and awaken your money mindset.
Ken Honda makes some good points about how your attitude toward money is derived from how your parents dealt with money issues, and helps you understand how money can generate thoughts of fear, stress, anxiety, and anger in people.

3. Spare Change: Better Ways to Manage Money by Iona Bain

This book doesn’t make false promises about making you a millionaire. Instead it makes you more comfortable living in your financial skin. It will help you decide what things you enjoy most in life, then build a financial plan around those activities.
Along with all financial tips, Iona Bain also tackles how to socialise on a budget. Being money-savvy doesn’t mean turning into a hermit!

4. The One Page Financial Plan by Carl Richards

The One-page Financial Plan by Carl Richards is your guide to making smarter money decisions (without the stress and guilt.)
It might sound scary or boring, but, as this book summary will show you, making your own personal financial plan will not only take the stress out of your life, it can also be a lot of fun. And when you notice that a few simple changes will free up money to do the things that you truly value, you’ll find it easy to stick to the program and make even more changes.

5. Your Money or Your Life

Your Money Or Your Life is different than other personal finance books because it emphasizes choice, freedom and fulfillment rather than deprivation and discipline. You’ll learn that money is life energy and how to become conscious of the movement of your money so it provides you maximum fulfillment.
In this book Vicki Robin shows how to gain control of your money and finally begin to make a life, rather than just make a living.

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