Can a Foreigner Open a Bank Account in Norway

Obtaining a bank account that is not charging you international fees is one of the first things you will need to do when moving to Norway. It can become costly for the long-term to use your credit card from your home country. Also, you will need a local bank to receive your salary in most cases. There are a lot of different banks in the market in Norway. It can become difficult to find a Norwegian bank that fits your needs.

Can a Non-Resident Open a Bank Account in Norway

Yes, it is possible to open a bank account in Norway as a non-resident but it can only be a savings account and there are many rules to follow such as you must be a EU citizen or a citizen from SA, Canada, Iceland, Japan, Switzerland, New Zealand and Singapore. You are also required to deposit 100 thousand euros which will be held in Norwegian Kroner. The account will take up to 6 weeks to be processed by the regulators.
Norway has a Service Center for Foreign Workers and should be able to give you all the necessary information about what you will need to get a bank account in the country.

How to Open a Bank Account in Norway

In general, a bank asks you for the following documents when you request to open an account in Norway:

  • A valid proof of identity (ID card, passport…)
  • City registration
  • For non-EU-Members: work permit
  • D-number (issued to those staying less than six months)

For setting up a Norwegian bank account in person, you will need to make an appointment with the branch. If you plan to stay in Norway for more than six months you can obtain this number by registering with the National Register. It consists of 11 digits: your date of birth plus a personal code.
National identification numbers are issued at the local tax assessment office, Likningskontor. It isn’t possible to register with the office unless you are entitled to stay and/or work in Norway.

If you are a student you can apply for a D-Number, which will allow you to open a Norwegian bank account. You can apply for this number either when you arrive in Norway or beforehand, in your home country. Bear in mind that it can take up to two weeks to arrive so plan accordingly. Some banks can also order a D-number for you as part of their account opening process.
A debit card will be issued to you on the same day you open your account. You will need to wait for your PIN to arrive in the mail.

Opening a Bank Account Online in Norway as a Non-Resident

You can also open a bank account online. You will need a Bank ID which you can get by presenting your passport and D-Number / National Identity Number to your chosen bank. Once you are issued your Bank ID you will be able to open your account online.

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