6 Things That Make You More Productive

We’re all a little bit guilty of losing our focus from time-to-time, a cheeky look on your phone, background noice or kids coming at you with 100 questions. 

If you want to be super-successful, then productivity will get you everywhere!

Do you think the likes of Richard Branson and President Obama ever snooze their alarm? Or have a “little scroll” of Facebook during working hours? Probably not.

So why don’t you try these tips for increasing your productivity.

Have One Desk For Technology And One Desk For Everything Else

This especially works well for creative-type jobs where you deal with both physical and digital elements. If you do sketches and lettering for example at one desk and designing and blogging at another. You don’t have to be fancy, the other desk can be the kitchen plot or table. It really helps to have sectioned-off areas for specific tasks. It also means that you don’t get sidetracked by your phone when you’re working on ideas.

Eliminate Everything That Distracts You

Willpower is overrated. If something distracts you, eliminate it. One of my friends has a news addiction. I suggested to get rid of his tv, delete his news apps, and block the news sites on his laptop. Two weeks later he told me that he’s finally starting a business. Don’t think you’re immune to your distractions.

Check Email Twice A Day

Every time you check your email, you get a rush of dopamine. I get it — checking email feels nice, and most of us are addicted. While dopamine may cause a rush, it also exhausts you. That is why you still feel tired at the end of the day while you have not been productive. To minimize that, turn off notifications, and check your email only twice a day on set times.

Plan The Next Day

Every night before I go to bed, I take 5 minutes to set my priorities (usually 3–4) for the next day. That makes me more focused when I wake up. I find that I waste time if I don’t do this practice. It’s cool to ‘go with the flow’. The only problem is: I don’t want to be a dog that mindlessly chases cars.

Record All Your Thoughts And Ideas

Similar to computers, we have a Random Access Memory (RAM). Your human RAM stores relevant short-term information. But your RAM capacity is limited. When it’s full, older information that you have stored will be deleted to make room for new information. You want to write down your thoughts to unload your RAM, which gives you more brainpower. Even if you never take a look at that note again, it’s still worth it.

Track Where You Waste Time

If you’re struggling to be productive, it’s tempting to change your routine or try new solutions before you uncover the real problem. 

The first step in becoming more productive is to identify your regular time-sucks. Start by tracking what you do every morning to get ready for work. You might find you’re spending time on things such as choosing your clothes, something you could do the night before. 

Then, keep going: Track how you spend your time during the day and look for patterns. A tool like RescueTime can help. Maybe you’ll find you’re getting caught up on Facebook too often. Or that what should have been a two-minute work conversation regularly turns into a 10-minute chat session.


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