Terms & Conditions for Happy Easter Spin to Win

The first 50 people to spin the wheel will receive a JetonCash as part of our promotion.

The JetonCash Voucher is a prepaid payment card that is redeemable at hundreds of online websites worldwide. It is an individually and uniquely encoded 19-digit voucher code (“PIN number”) in multiple currencies with availability varying by country issued upon payment. Each PIN number applies to a single JetonCash for a single stated face value and currency.

Your Jeton Cash will be credited to your Jeton account in 48 hours.
To receive this reward, you must have a verified Jeton account.
Jeton Cardholders who are among the first 50 spinners, will be entitled to receive a bonus of double the amount of Jeton Cash that they earn
The promotion is only available to Jeton users in the EU.
You can only spin the wheel once.
The promoter is LA Orange GE LLC.
Please note that Jeton’s activities in your country will be out of Financial Conduct Authority’s regulatory scope due to the geographic range of the draw. Please read the Terms & Conditions carefully.

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