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Pay Online with Jetoncash: JetonCash Features

November 19, 2021

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OK! Online shopping is the easiest way to purchase an item cheaper, faster, and hassle-free. Some clicks and it is yours. You are in your PJs and slippers, yet you are searching for designer sneakers or those wireless headphones in the comfort of your couch. This would be mind-blowing for anyone at the beginning of the 2000s. Although we have that weird feeling that humankind has utilized online shopping for hundreds of years, the history of e-commerce started over 40 years ago when teleshopping in the 1970s and Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) paved the way for the modern-day e-commerce store as we know it today.

It does not surprise any of us that the past of online payments is intertwined with the history of the internet. Since the mighty Internet stepped into the public in 1991, the easy, secure, convenient, and amusing consumer experience have developed significantly since the inception of Amazon and other archaic e-commerce platforms. It would be unrightful to assert the contrary with it, however, it is not all sunshine and roses either.

How many times have you changed your mind due to the strange instinct of online shopping or e-gaming looking unsafe? Although you finally found that gorgeous jacket, you could not insert your personal details on the checkout page. You just could not, because of the tremendous risks such as identity theft, credit card fraud, or payment scams. Actually, this is the reason why we purchase the same items at triple prices instead of buying them on Chinese e-commerce sites? How about crypto trading? How many times have we lost the chance of buying a coin we trust not to give our details? It is all about safety. Most of us are concerned and considering what is going on around us, we are absolutely right to step back.

We have great news! What if we tell you there is a way that you can pay online without hesitation on any online website! E-gaming! Streaming services! Online shopping sites! Betting sites! Courses! You name it! Our JetonCash card will be your savior in this fragile environment.

What is JetonCash?

JetonCash is a prepaid card from a prestigious digital wallet, Jeton Wallet which enables users to send/receive online money transfers without tiring processes, messy numbers, or pricey transaction fees. Considering the high trust in the company, the release of JetonCash features created its admirers instantly. Thanks to the various JetonCash benefits, it is possible to operate online payments without leaving neither your personal information nor financial data behind. Thus, next time you want to purchase something on the web, you do not have to dive into deep thoughts. Simply use your JetonCash voucher and grab it! We assure you to be invisible in the digital world whereas you fully enjoy the tasty fruits! What a blessing!

Where to Buy JetonCash  

Are you interested in JetonCash advantages? It is downhill to purchase our innovative Jeton digital voucher from hundreds of recommended resellers’ websites. All you need is to choose one of the various fiat currency options including USD, EUR, GBP, INR, BRL, JPY, and many more. Do not think of JetonCash just like any prepaid card! For those of you who adore traveling abroad, JetonCash serves as a great alternative. Simply get a JetonCash Voucher in the local currency of your destination and enjoy your holiday to the fullest. No worries, but pure fun! Meet Jeton Wallet and JetonCash to open out a door into a next-gen payment technology!

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money in india while travelling


Money in India: Tips for Travelers on the Road Incredible India

November 19, 2021

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As humans, we are not meant to be stable like mountains or trees. We are wired to be nomadic in our nature and that’s why travelling has always been one of the outpouring desires in our blood. To stand speechless in front of amazing landscapes, to walk through valleys and rivers, meeting new people and opening the doors of a curious world. This basic instinct that we inherited from our ancestors is circulating in our veins even when we are in front of a computer entering tedious accounting details. Unarguably, travelling is the most impressive way to spend your money and India is one of the most popular destinations when it comes to meet new cultures, meditation and ancient history. However, the complexity of this spectacular country’s payment practices and banking system can confuse many solicitous travelers. In this article, we will take a closer look into the India payments options when we are new in this diverse cultured country.

Being a Traveler in India

“India is the cradle of the human race, the birthplace of human speech, the mother of history, the grandmother of legend and the great-grandmother of tradition.” says Mark Twain, legendary American novelist and travel writer who is accepted as the father of American literature.

India welcomes you with 38 UNESCO World Heritage Sites including one of the seven wonders, the magnificent Taj Mahal, Konark’s Sun Temple, Qutub Minar and Jaipur’s Hawa Mahal. Being the birthplace of four major religions; Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and Sikhism, it is not surprising why the main structure of India has a tremendous variety of languages, cultures and aspects to norms. Actually, this is why the country sounds puzzling to foreigners. No matter if your purpose of visit is business or taking a deep breath in one of the marvelous temples, there are some things you better know before travelling to India, the subcontinent spanning more than 4,500 years.

What is the currency of India?

India’s official currency is Indian Rupee (₹) which has a managed float exchange rate and is traded in the USD/INR currency market. A Rupee is divided into 1000 paise. It is possible to find the denominations of ₹1, ₹2, ₹5, ₹10 whereas INR banknotes come in ₹5, ₹10, ₹20, ₹50, ₹100, ₹500 and ₹1000.

The Indian government forbids carrying rupees in or out of India. Thus, you must utilise a currency exchange once you enter and leave the country. As many experienced travelers know, it is always wise to have undamaged and low denomination bills. This way, you can exchange easier and faster.

The good news is many shops and tourist offices will help you, however you must always avoid P2P exchanges due to the dangers of fraud, scam and fake currency.

How to Send Money to India

There are hundreds of scenarios where things can go wrong. Therefore, it is important to have knowledge about the methods for sending money to India. Are you a bank account holder in India? Then it is pretty simple to receive funds via wire transfer, online banking or digital wallets. All you need is to share your IBAN number with the sender. In these cases, it can be a better idea to send in Rupees to cut out any of the international exchange rates or hidden fees. Another great alternative is to use “open-loop prepaid cards” enabling you to shop in any store accepting MasterCard and Visa. Have you lost them? No worries! Thanks to their seamless digital banking apps, you can simply cancel your card and request another. Safe! Easy! Convenient!

In Jeton Wallet, we cooperate with travelling enthusiasts all around the globe. Being a digital wallet in various fiat currencies, we can send you a JetonCash voucher in INR in any amount you like and you can enjoy the breathtaking beauty of Bhārat Gaṇarājya (official name of India in Hindu) without concerns of costly exchange rates! Do not carry cash, but our card! Join us today and meet the beneficial world of Jeton!

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wire transfer and international payments guide

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Wire Transfer and International Payments Guide

November 17, 2021

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“Arguing against Globalization is like arguing against gravity.” says Kofi Annan, the former secretary-general of the United Nations and the recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize.

The calendars were showing 2012 when he made this point-shot statement and a decade from then, we literally understand that the world is a globe with no borders and no exclusions. Let’s face it! No matter whether we are a high school student in Ghana, West Africa or a senior citizen in Nice, French Riviera, we are the fragments of a greater all-out. It would be accurate to point to the invention of the mighty Internet as the milestone. Tangled with others, every aspect we used to have involved something unlimited, easily accessible and fast. From education to news, it is likely to reach the other side of the world with a couple of clicks and this makes us more equal in the sense of intangibility. One of these subject matters is the sine qua non of our lives, Financials.

In this global village, unlike a decade ago, we operate international payments on a daily basis. Not to direct cash flow to a giant company for business purposes but to purchase embroidery yarns, Yoga mats or a French lesson. Millions of ordinary people transfer money overseas day and night. This massive global payments demand creates a huge sector which resembles the enchanting mechanism of a clock. A harmonic one! To utilise the benefits of the tuning, it is essential to be familiar with some terms. Let’s take a closer glance at the payments guide we have prepared for you to state some basics for global payments.

What is an IBAN?

IBAN (International Bank Account Number) is like your home address in the financial scheme. For every single money transfer in Europe, you need to provide an IBAN instead of the traditional bank account number. But how about outsiders of Europe? For those who want to send/receive funds in China, CNAPS (China National Advanced Payments System) also gives a code which only applies to money transfers taking place in China.

Define Wire Transfer!

In a nutshell, wire money transfer is an electronic payment service for transferring funds by wire from one person or entity to another. They are the most popular ways to send money internationally whereas we can not consider them as instantaneous due to the obligations of ensuring legitimacy as well as other factors such as compliance with laws. Under normal circumstances, a wire transfer can take 1-5 working days.

How to Make an International Wire Transfer?

You can usually initiate a wire transfer in person at your financial instruction’s local branch or through your online bank account or online money transfer service such as e-wallets or other payment establishments. No matter which service you choose, it is significant to enter the following information correctly in your transfers:

  • The recipient’s name and address,
  • The recipient’s account type,
  • The recipient’s bank as well as its address,
  • A SWIFT or BIC code.

What is a SWIFT? What is a BIC code?

Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication, legally S.W.I.F.T. , is a network in which financial institutions around the globe send and receive information about financial transactions in a standardized and trustworthy environment. On the other hand, BIC stands for “Bank Identifier Code” and can be used interchangeably with SWIFT.

A SWIFT code consists of 8-11 characters including letters and numbers. The prefix generally denotes the country that the bank is located in.

What is SEPA?

SEPA (Single European Payment Area) is formed for international payments in the Europe line for those European institutions which struggled with the challenging extra charges for years. The strength of facilitation triggered the circulating money flow and led the European Economy to gain a visible acceleration. Actually, since SEPA payments started, the inner economy of the EU has apparently improved.

International money transfer has its rules getting re-written as Fin-Tech companies whereas you have an enormous selection of options. Our company, Jeton Wallet, is a pioneer e-wallet providing hassle free online payment options in hundreds of online stores. Are you a business owner? Place Jeton among your payment methods to serve superb payment experience with +50 supported fiat currencies worldwide.

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future of digital wallets

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Future of Digital Wallets

November 17, 2021

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Digital wallets have been only recently brought onto the stage as an alternative to physical wallets with the development of technology. Ironically though, here we will discuss their future as the financial world is progressing at an unprecedented speed. What is new or recent today shortly becomes a settled norm when dealt with strategically or quickly fades away if not useful.

What is Digital Wallet?

Digital wallets, which allow financial transactions to be carried out on smart devices, allow you to manage many accounts on a single application. For example, you can save time for online transactions by defining your many credit and prepaid cards issued by various banks to your digital wallet. Moreover, since it has a strong and secure infrastructure, the accounts in the wallet are protected in the most secure way possible when a trusted wallet is used. There are so many ewallets available now. Let’s take a look at how you can tell which of these digital wallets is better.

How to Choose Ewallets?

First, thoroughly research the size, history, security and privacy policies of the company offering the digital wallet. Then look into what it offers within the app and compare it with other apps. A user-friendly design and processing speed come to the fore here. You can also make a comparison according to how much the company charges in which situations. Once you set your own criteria, you will be able to make an even easier choice.

The Advantages of Ewallets

On online platforms where it is possible to spend money, especially on online shopping sites, many people can pay with digital wallets. For example, assuming you are using a Jeton wallet, you can pay quickly by selecting from multiple currencies and payment methods on one account. Ewallets, which have become widespread day by day, have become indispensable in the payment systems of merchants and e-commerce sites. Since people can meet many of their needs over the internet without leaving their homes, the use of physical cards is decreasing considerably. Even in physical stores, it seems that the ability to pay with QR code in digital wallets will become widespread rapidly. Because it will be preferred by everyone to be able to make transactions with one click in the mobile application instead of the procedures involved when making a payment using a card. When you cannot pay at the terminal with broken or deformed credit cards, you may be in a difficult situation, but you will not have any difficulties when paying by bringing your phone closer to the terminal.

The future of digital wallets can already be seen, and the companies that have foreseen this have already acted quickly to launch their own digital wallet products and rapidly improved their services to adapt to digital wallets. User satisfaction is ensured with various bonuses offered as they spend and easy account management within the application. Cards and accounts can be stored in ewallets or canceled. Where previously you had to take your credit card out of your wallet and give it to the cashier, now things are made more practical. Risks such as the loss of your wallet and the loss of your cards are also prevented this way.

The future of digital payments and the evolution of mobile phones are similar. Previously, we used to take different devices to make a call, another device to take photos, a notepad to take notes and many other things wherever we go, but now, thanks to smartphones, everything is in one device. Digital wallets also provide the opportunity to access all accounts from a single account and make secure payments for the convenience of financial transactions.

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How To Withdraw Money From Your Jeton Wallet

November 17, 2021

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As you know, Jeton is an ewallet with a multitude of usage options and advantages. People who prefer to do their financial transactions using Jeton can easily send and receive money after opening a Jeton account. Jeton, which is used in many countries, is preferred for online payments as well. Thus, those who give their customers the chance to use the Jeton method to receive payments in their businesses can also gain customer loyalty. Jeton, where you can collect all payment methods in a single wallet and spend comfortably, also has a cryptocurrency option. In addition to fiat currencies, you can safely store your crypto assets. Assuming that you are already familiar with the steps to open a Jeton account and deposit money, or you already have an account, we can explain to you how to withdraw the money sent to you or you deposit before.

Before starting the withdrawal process, you must add a card or bank account to your Jeton account. In the withdrawal steps, you will be asked in which way you want to withdraw your money. You can see the list of allowed banks in the Jeton application. If you check the details about the withdrawal limits beforehand, you can withdraw money without any problems. To add a withdrawal method, you can go to the Cards and Accounts section and click the “add new card” button under My Cards or click the “add new account” button in the My Bank Accounts section. After entering your card or account details, you will be able to make your transactions quickly by following the withdrawal steps.

Jeton Withdrawal Steps

You can make deposits and withdrawals via the website or mobile application. When you enter your Jeton account, you will see options such as deposit, withdraw, send money and currency exchange. When you click on the withdrawal tab, you will see Jeton Card, Bank Transfer and Card Payment methods. The processing time for each method is shown next to it. When you make your choice of method, you will be asked to choose a currency and amount. When you make your selections, the transaction fee is automatically calculated and shown to you instantly. Please note that there is no commission for withdrawals made from your ewallet using a credit card. After completing all the steps, your request is processed and completed in a very short time. However, you also have the opportunity to cancel the transaction before the transaction is completed. For this, you can click on cancel payment under the transaction you just made in the list where you see your withdrawal requests in the Account Activity tab.

It is that easy to withdraw money from your Jeton account, which you can use for payments and money transfers. You can experience how easy it is to withdraw money from ewallet by downloading the Jeton application and opening your account. The verification process of your account to withdraw funds is for your safety, but it does not take too long.

After making a withdrawal from your Jeton account, you can share your experiences with us and if you have any suggestions, you can send them to us.

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Simple Ways to Save Money


Simple Ways to Save Money

November 13, 2021

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One of the things which is easy to talk about but very difficult to implement is to start saving money. Everyone has an opinion about saving money, but the number of people with savings is not proportional. In one way or another, everyone works to feed themselves and pay their bills. People who can adjust their income and expense balance well and those who constantly monitor their expenses know how to save money. Sometimes we may have unplanned expenses, but apart from such cases, wasting the money we have left after paying our expenses would not be the right choice for our future. Let’s look at some money-saving tips together and see how we should proceed.

The most important thing to do to save money is to know your budget very well. If you keep a written record of how much income you have and what your expenses consist of, you will both have the chance to reduce your expenses and take the first step towards saving. Moreover, whenever you want, you can read the text you have stored and avoid expenses that are no longer necessary for you. In time, you can get rid of all unnecessary expenses. One of the common mistakes salaried people make is that when they have extra income, they spend it without thinking too much. However, by opening a savings account, they can both have the chance to keep their money safe and increase the value of the money in their savings account at the same time. After checking all previous spendings, when non-essential expenses are reduced, the money that can be added to this savings account will also increase, the money saved can reach a level that is hard to believe.

In addition to saving tips, it is worth mentioning spending tips. Today, there are many factors that make it easier to spend money with technology. For example, factors such as credit cards and online shopping, rapid changes in fashion, and ever-evolving new versions and models of products constantly make us spend more money. When we keep up with the order, we only consume and forget to save money. However, if we don’t spend money on anything other than what we really need, we may have a chance to save what we have left. Our habits and daily routine are also important for this. People who wander around online shopping sites during their spare time definitely want to buy a product, but people who read books or deal with something else not only save money but also save time. Time passes faster than before because almost every hour of the day, we are either at work, on the roads or for a different purpose. At this point, the spendings on food constitute a large portion of the budget for most of us. People who spend time outside constantly increase their spending when they eat at restaurants instead of their own homes.

In conclusion, we can indicate that living on a plan, making regular calculations, and controlling the budget will make it easier to save money. Please also keep in mind: one step at a time. It is not easy to change spending behaviors and it will not be realistic to expect an overnight shift in your lifestyle or spending habits.

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jetoncash benefits

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JetonCash Benefits

November 13, 2021

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“Post-modernity is the simultaneity of the destruction of earlier values and their reconstruction. It is a renovation within ruination,” says Jean Baudrillard, a famous French sociologist and future theorist who is best known for his analyses of technological communication.

In these postmodern times, today, we have a completely different perspective of life. Unlike our ancestors who mostly never left their villages for their entire life, mobility and accessibility is crucial for us. Our generation is wired against the vicissitudes of fate. We do not want to be the leaf in the wind, but the wind itself. This perceptivity of monitoring what is surrounding us reflects our routine in a multitude of ways. One of them is our financial approaches.

There is no room for waiting, nor for ridiculously tangled enrollments. Thirty years ago, it might be acceptable to be stuck in a bank branch like sardines in the can. But now? In a world where you can “zoom” your French lessons with the other side of the earth, is it wise to anticipate days to receive money transfers? What about holidays? Will you wait for the bank to reopen to open an account, change your details or cancel your card activity in a case of theft? Nobody has time or patience for this. Not anymore.

Digital wallets like Jeton Wallet, reign their Golden Ages recently. Especially messing with dreadful Covid-19 has taught us a big lesson. A lesson we all learned the hard way; we have to renovate our financial system on the ruins of already rotten traditional banking roots! The world is too intertwined and bunched up with others to have a closed system. There is no room for being conservatory for any sector in such a globalized connection network. This is why we created Jeton Wallet in 2017!

When we decided to establish a digital wallet which reflects our observations and experiences in the sector, our team began with insights as professionals utilizing online money transfers themselves. What was missing? What was exhausting for users? Is it secure to use these services? And more important than all, how to fix the holes in the current system to provide smooth online services for those who can not find financial solutions no matter how long they have been looking for. And this was the very first point where we settled on JetonCash features after a long exchange of views. We built JetonCash Card on the pillars of simplicity, security, accessibility, and speed!

What is JetonCash?

In a nutshell, JetonCash is a prepaid card which enables you to make online payments without leaving neither your personal information nor financial information online. Considering the latest leak scandals of leading insurance companies bragging about their high-level security, we can easily understand how significant it is not to share your data with anyone. This is one of the biggest JetonCash benefits! To be invisible in the digital world! A blessing!

Simply purchase our revolutionary Jeton digital voucher from recommended resellers’ sites by choosing one of the multitudes of fiat currency options including EUR, GBP, USD, INR, BRL, JPY, and many more. Plus, in addition to a great deal of JetonCash advantages, JetonCash prepaid cards can be redeemed on thousands of websites including online shopping sites, casino websites, social network memberships, and sports betting. Grab your JetonCash from our resellers and start online payments with peace of mind! Take a giant leap into the future with Jeton!

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Payment methods in Japan

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Top Payment Methods in Japan

November 11, 2021

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Everyone’s vision for “The Land of the Rising Sun” is distinctive from others. Whilst some of us dream of cherry blossoms and Mount Fuji behind, the others are interested in wacky karaoke, manga, and delicious ramens. We all agree on one thing that Japan has always had the cutting-edge technology of its time no matter if it was the period of gallant Shoguns or the 21st century.  Being the mecca of technological innovation, this compelling country has given us hundreds of inventions; bullet trains, QR codes, cassette players, blue Led, and many others. With its densely populated nation of almost 130 million citizens, the Japanese market is a tremendous platform open to various opportunities. But the curious case is that Japan has one of the lowest cross-border shopping rates which is attributed to cultural differences in online shopping experiences. What makes it so conservative when it comes to international payments? Or in other words, how to integrate into this thriving market? The key is to be closely acquainted with payment methods and practices in Japan.  

Although the Japanese market has great potential, the cultural norms are iron shielded against the outside world. The online expectations of Japanese consumers are generally higher compared to the European Market. According to the aspect of functional and hassle-free online payments, the Japanese are pretty conservative. Actually, there are some statements to shape your view about current Japanese culture. These anecdotes may help you to comprehend this unique country with consumer habits.

  • 99% of Japan’s population only speaks Japanese and this is a significant requirement for those merchants who are considering expanding their business in Japan. eCommerce page layout must be optimized for the Japanese language as well as placement of Japanese Yen as a payment currency.
  • Japanese are mostly inclined to use the liquid currency. Japanese rate of utilising credit card payment method is only at 14% whilst French have already dematerialised 59% of their any kind of payments.
  • It is another thing going beyond the ordinary fact that the Japanese population has smartphone penetration compared to other developed nations at 55%. Adding this data to the high usage of desktops due to the high aging population, it can be a wise decision to design web pages compatible with desktops rather than smartphones.
  • When it comes to B2C, Japan’s mobile commerce is 24.4% of all B2C commerce. Obviously, this is also correlated to the low percentage of mobile utilization.

What are the Different Types of Payment Methods in Japan?

According to age, gender, economic status, and lifestyles, the most popular payment methods in Japan may vary. Here, we have listed Japan’s preferred payment methods for you below:

Credit Cards

Just like its western counterparts, credit cards are widely used in Japan. Being a reflection of the age demographic in the country, Japanese online shoppers over the age of 40 are more likely to purchase via credit cards. Popular credit cards are Visa, MasterCard, and JCB (Japan Credit Bureau) which is a Japan-based payment brand boasting more than 80 million users in more than 200 countries around the globe.

Another Japan-originated bank and credit card company is a well-known internet company, Rakuten’s “Rakuten Bank” which also has its cryptocurrency, the “Rakuten Super Point”. The Rakuten Bank offers a plethora of advantages to its customers including cashback on holidays, flight miles, reasonable installments, and “Pay with crypto” option.

Digital Wallets in Japan

Japan is apt to go digitized just like all countries worldwide. Therefore, mobile wallets come to mind to ease billions of dollars in transactions in the first place. Leading digital wallets in Japan are PayPal, PayPay, Apple Pay, Rakuten, LinePay, and others whereas QR code payment systems via online wallets are catching on recently. Considering the invincible convenience of both online and cashless on-the-counter payments via e-wallets, plus being caught flat-footed by Covid-19, it would not be a misestimation to say that these functional ways of payments will reach the peak future and take its permanent place in pie charts after liquid and credit cards in Japan.

The “Konbinis”

Konbinis are Japanese-style post-purchase proximity payments which enable consumers to make final redemptions through Konbini stores, the post offices, ATMs, and Bank Transfers. The process is downhill. It is possible to shop, pay bills, buy public transportation tickets, theatre and concerts. Konbini users can pay by showing their ID in a Konbini payment terminal within six days after the transaction. The method is mostly utilised by senior citizens and youngsters who are underage to create a bank account.

Cryptocurrency Payment Methods in Japan

Japan’s society adores cryptocurrency and trading them has become one of the most popular endeavors, especially among the rising generation. In addition to the familiarity of financial regulators with blockchain technology and NFTs, it is not surprising to see Japan leapfrogging and going straight to blockchains. Yet already, various e-commerce sites allocate cryptocurrency payment gateways in Japan.

Konnichiwa, Nihon! Yokoso!!!

Salute to spectacular Japan with its unique culture and splendid nature! We have great news! Our advantageous digital wallet, Jeton Wallet, has opened its doors for Japanese consumers who are looking for hassle-free and secure online payments. Moreover, we serve JetonCash, a prepaid card with desired amounts which will serve you fully in JPY and many other fiat currencies. Register with JetCash app now, buy your vouchers, and redeem them online. Enjoy smooth services of Jeton precisely in Japanese!

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