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Pay Online with Jetoncash: JetonCash Features

November 19, 2021

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OK! Online shopping is the easiest way to purchase an item cheaper, faster, and hassle-free. Some clicks and it is yours. You are in your PJs and slippers, yet you are searching for designer sneakers or those wireless headphones in the comfort of your couch. This would be mind-blowing for anyone at the beginning of the 2000s. Although we have that weird feeling that humankind has utilized online shopping for hundreds of years, the history of e-commerce started over 40 years ago when teleshopping in the 1970s and Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) paved the way for the modern-day e-commerce store as we know it today.

It does not surprise any of us that the past of online payments is intertwined with the history of the internet. Since the mighty Internet stepped into the public in 1991, the easy, secure, convenient, and amusing consumer experience have developed significantly since the inception of Amazon and other archaic e-commerce platforms. It would be unrightful to assert the contrary with it, however, it is not all sunshine and roses either.

How many times have you changed your mind due to the strange instinct of online shopping or e-gaming looking unsafe? Although you finally found that gorgeous jacket, you could not insert your personal details on the checkout page. You just could not, because of the tremendous risks such as identity theft, credit card fraud, or payment scams. Actually, this is the reason why we purchase the same items at triple prices instead of buying them on Chinese e-commerce sites? How about crypto trading? How many times have we lost the chance of buying a coin we trust not to give our details? It is all about safety. Most of us are concerned and considering what is going on around us, we are absolutely right to step back.

We have great news! What if we tell you there is a way that you can pay online without hesitation on any online website! E-gaming! Streaming services! Online shopping sites! Betting sites! Courses! You name it! Our JetonCash card will be your savior in this fragile environment.

What is JetonCash?

JetonCash is a prepaid card from a prestigious digital wallet, Jeton Wallet which enables users to send/receive online money transfers without tiring processes, messy numbers, or pricey transaction fees. Considering the high trust in the company, the release of JetonCash features created its admirers instantly. Thanks to the various JetonCash benefits, it is possible to operate online payments without leaving neither your personal information nor financial data behind. Thus, next time you want to purchase something on the web, you do not have to dive into deep thoughts. Simply use your JetonCash voucher and grab it! We assure you to be invisible in the digital world whereas you fully enjoy the tasty fruits! What a blessing!

Where to Buy JetonCash  

Are you interested in JetonCash advantages? It is downhill to purchase our innovative Jeton digital voucher from hundreds of recommended resellers’ websites. All you need is to choose one of the various fiat currency options including USD, EUR, GBP, INR, BRL, JPY, and many more. Do not think of JetonCash just like any prepaid card! For those of you who adore traveling abroad, JetonCash serves as a great alternative. Simply get a JetonCash Voucher in the local currency of your destination and enjoy your holiday to the fullest. No worries, but pure fun! Meet Jeton Wallet and JetonCash to open out a door into a next-gen payment technology!

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How To Withdraw Money From Your Jeton Wallet

November 17, 2021

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As you know, Jeton is an ewallet with a multitude of usage options and advantages. People who prefer to do their financial transactions using Jeton can easily send and receive money after opening a Jeton account. Jeton, which is used in many countries, is preferred for online payments as well. Thus, those who give their customers the chance to use the Jeton method to receive payments in their businesses can also gain customer loyalty. Jeton, where you can collect all payment methods in a single wallet and spend comfortably, also has a cryptocurrency option. In addition to fiat currencies, you can safely store your crypto assets. Assuming that you are already familiar with the steps to open a Jeton account and deposit money, or you already have an account, we can explain to you how to withdraw the money sent to you or you deposit before.

Before starting the withdrawal process, you must add a card or bank account to your Jeton account. In the withdrawal steps, you will be asked in which way you want to withdraw your money. You can see the list of allowed banks in the Jeton application. If you check the details about the withdrawal limits beforehand, you can withdraw money without any problems. To add a withdrawal method, you can go to the Cards and Accounts section and click the “add new card” button under My Cards or click the “add new account” button in the My Bank Accounts section. After entering your card or account details, you will be able to make your transactions quickly by following the withdrawal steps.

Jeton Withdrawal Steps

You can make deposits and withdrawals via the website or mobile application. When you enter your Jeton account, you will see options such as deposit, withdraw, send money and currency exchange. When you click on the withdrawal tab, you will see Jeton Card, Bank Transfer and Card Payment methods. The processing time for each method is shown next to it. When you make your choice of method, you will be asked to choose a currency and amount. When you make your selections, the transaction fee is automatically calculated and shown to you instantly. Please note that there is no commission for withdrawals made from your ewallet using a credit card. After completing all the steps, your request is processed and completed in a very short time. However, you also have the opportunity to cancel the transaction before the transaction is completed. For this, you can click on cancel payment under the transaction you just made in the list where you see your withdrawal requests in the Account Activity tab.

It is that easy to withdraw money from your Jeton account, which you can use for payments and money transfers. You can experience how easy it is to withdraw money from ewallet by downloading the Jeton application and opening your account. The verification process of your account to withdraw funds is for your safety, but it does not take too long.

After making a withdrawal from your Jeton account, you can share your experiences with us and if you have any suggestions, you can send them to us.

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jetoncash benefits

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JetonCash Benefits

November 13, 2021

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“Post-modernity is the simultaneity of the destruction of earlier values and their reconstruction. It is a renovation within ruination,” says Jean Baudrillard, a famous French sociologist and future theorist who is best known for his analyses of technological communication.

In these postmodern times, today, we have a completely different perspective of life. Unlike our ancestors who mostly never left their villages for their entire life, mobility and accessibility is crucial for us. Our generation is wired against the vicissitudes of fate. We do not want to be the leaf in the wind, but the wind itself. This perceptivity of monitoring what is surrounding us reflects our routine in a multitude of ways. One of them is our financial approaches.

There is no room for waiting, nor for ridiculously tangled enrollments. Thirty years ago, it might be acceptable to be stuck in a bank branch like sardines in the can. But now? In a world where you can “zoom” your French lessons with the other side of the earth, is it wise to anticipate days to receive money transfers? What about holidays? Will you wait for the bank to reopen to open an account, change your details or cancel your card activity in a case of theft? Nobody has time or patience for this. Not anymore.

Digital wallets like Jeton Wallet, reign their Golden Ages recently. Especially messing with dreadful Covid-19 has taught us a big lesson. A lesson we all learned the hard way; we have to renovate our financial system on the ruins of already rotten traditional banking roots! The world is too intertwined and bunched up with others to have a closed system. There is no room for being conservatory for any sector in such a globalized connection network. This is why we created Jeton Wallet in 2017!

When we decided to establish a digital wallet which reflects our observations and experiences in the sector, our team began with insights as professionals utilizing online money transfers themselves. What was missing? What was exhausting for users? Is it secure to use these services? And more important than all, how to fix the holes in the current system to provide smooth online services for those who can not find financial solutions no matter how long they have been looking for. And this was the very first point where we settled on JetonCash features after a long exchange of views. We built JetonCash Card on the pillars of simplicity, security, accessibility, and speed!

What is JetonCash?

In a nutshell, JetonCash is a prepaid card which enables you to make online payments without leaving neither your personal information nor financial information online. Considering the latest leak scandals of leading insurance companies bragging about their high-level security, we can easily understand how significant it is not to share your data with anyone. This is one of the biggest JetonCash benefits! To be invisible in the digital world! A blessing!

Simply purchase our revolutionary Jeton digital voucher from recommended resellers’ sites by choosing one of the multitudes of fiat currency options including EUR, GBP, USD, INR, BRL, JPY, and many more. Plus, in addition to a great deal of JetonCash advantages, JetonCash prepaid cards can be redeemed on thousands of websites including online shopping sites, casino websites, social network memberships, and sports betting. Grab your JetonCash from our resellers and start online payments with peace of mind! Take a giant leap into the future with Jeton!

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netherlands bonus

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Sharing our love for ORANGE

October 21, 2021

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Hey Netherlands, we both love ORANGE and we both love a good offer!

Here is a special onel for our Dutch customers – make your first deposit of minimum €10 and earn a €10 bonus. It’s a hell of a deal!

Here is how it works:

1. Deposit.

Deposit €10 or more via the available methods in the Netherlands: Visa, Safetypay Offline, Jeton Card and Safetypay Online.

2. Get your bonus.

You will receive your €10 bonus credited to your account within 48 hours

3. Spend

Use your bonus to pay online in selected merchants around the world.

Limited time offer so hurry up!

Deposit here!

Terms and Conditions

What is being offered?

New Jeton customers can claim our first deposit bonus and earn €10


When is the offer being conducted?

The offer is valid from the 18th of October till 30th of November


Who is eligible to take part and how can you qualify?

The offer is only available to Jeton customers who have verified their account. The offer is limited to one time only.


Claiming and redeeming the offer

Upon successful qualifying deposit, customers will be credited a €10 bonus.

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Business Expenses

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How to Track Your Business Expenses

September 29, 2021

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When you’re immersed in the day-to-day running of your business, it’s easy to get caught up in how you think your business is doing financially versus how it’s actually doing.

Tracking your business expenses is important because it helps you see the big picture. It leads to accurate bookkeeping, which will allow you to see when you’ll break even, calculate your quick ratio, explore trends in your numbers, and make forecasts.

What are Business Expenses?

As a crucial part of the bookkeeping process is tracking business expenses properly, before we can talk about tracking your business expenses and its importance we should first dwell on the business expenses meaning. Any expenditure that is related to your business is considered a business expense.

Here are some common business expenses you are likely to encounter:

  • Advertising
  • Bank fees
  • Commissions
  • Consulting fees
  • Contract labor
  • Dues and subscriptions
  • Mileage
  • Office supplies
  • Postage and delivery
  • Printing and copying
  • Salaries
  • Software
  • Travel
  • Utilities

While these are more common business expense examples and categories, any purchase that is associated with your business can be categorized as a legitimate business expense.

Here are 5 tips on how to track expenses for your business:

  1. Open Business Financial Accounts

Freelancers and small businesses may find that the line between their personal and business finances is pretty blurry and it could be challenging to track personal expenses on business accounts or vice versa. Once it is tax time, you may find yourself digging for business expenses among your grocery and clothing purchases.

Open business financial accounts so that business-related expenses are crystal clear. Then use your business accounts for all business purchases. Jeton Business offers comprehensive business accounts to its customers where you can get your own customised IBAN and you’ll be able to track every transaction.

For your financial transactions, it is highly recommended that you should avoid using cash, when possible. Because cash is too easy to spend, hard to track and only has a receipt as a backup, unlike a digital transaction which has a record in your bank statement and a receipt. It’s better for your business, better at tax time and definitely better if you get audited to use debit and credit for purchases.

  1. Manage Your Receipts Properly

Another way to ensure that you’re tracking your business expenses properly is to use the business expenses app that is available with your accounting software application. If your software doesn’t offer such a mobile app, you can choose to use an expense management application that will integrate with your software.

These apps typically allow on-the-go expense management, allowing you to take a picture of a receipt and upload the image to your software, where it will be stored and later attached to the appropriate expense. If it’s a reimbursable expense, the receipt can be used for creating an expense report.

  1. Review and Categorize Your Business Expenses Regularly

As a business owner, you should get in the habit of reviewing your expenses regularly to make sure your transactions are properly categorized. To make life easier, with Wave Money you can watch as your expenses are automatically categorized in real time, saving you hours of manual work.

Get in the practice of reviewing your expenses regularly (perhaps making it a part of your weekly review) to check that transactions are properly categorized. This will help make sure your reporting stays accurate. If you come across something you’re not sure how to categorize, don’t get stressed. Make a note of it and circle back to it when you’re doing your monthly or quarterly bookkeeping review.

Having your business expenses categorized and up to date means you’ll be able to check in with the financial pulse of your business throughout the year. You’ll be able to see exactly how much you’re spending, if you’re profitable or not, and make any necessary corrections as you go.

  1. Know Which Expenses are Tax-Deductible

Understanding which business expenses are tax-deductible and which are not is crucial when managing your finances. This will help you save money and track your spending more efficiently.

Some common tax deductions include:

  • Vehicle and travel expenses
  • Clothing, laundry and dry-cleaning expenses
  • Home office expenses
  • Self-education expenses
  • Tools, equipment and other assets
  • Other work-related deductions

To find out more on which business expenses are tax-deductible visit your country’s Taxation Office website.

  1. Use Expense Tracking Apps

Tracking expenses isn’t always as easy as making a purchase and keeping the receipt. Sometimes you need to track in real time, for instance when you’re logging your business miles. Here, using an expense tracking app makes sense, because it eliminates human error. You can then send your reports to your accounting software electronically.

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What’s an International Bank Account Number?

September 29, 2021

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IBAN, which is the acronym for the International Bank Account Number, is a unique code which is associated with the bank account of the customer and allows both national and international money transfer. Creation of IBAN numbers is subject to ISO 13616 standards. It starts with a 2-digit country code which is followed by either numbers or alphanumeric characters depending on the country standards. The length of the IBAN also varies according to the country.

How to Create International Bank Account Number

Before you can have an IBAN you should have a bank account in the country you reside. If you plan on spending a significant time abroad, you should seriously consider opening an international bank account for your international money transfers and financial transactions. Once you get to do that you will find out that offshore banks require proof of identity and other documents for identification in the course of account opening and might want to know the source of your deposits.

Who needs an international bank account?

Anyone spending significant time abroad—for a job, a course of study, a fellowship program, or another reason—should consider opening an account in that country.

Travelers can often use their credit or debit cards anywhere in the world. But banks charge fees for international transactions.

The fees may not be more than 3% to 5% per transaction, but they’ll add up. Exchange rates in a new country’s currency can also affect the value of your dollar.

Withdrawing cash? You’ll also get hit with a foreign ATM fee.

For the occasional international trip this isn’t a big deal. But for three months or longer in a new country, opening a local bank account in addition to your US bank can save you major cash.

Opening an account

Specific document requirements differ from country to country. But no matter where you are you’ll need:

Proof of Identity. Bring your passport and driver’s license or state ID. Many banks require two forms of ID (a student ID may or may not count, but a birth certificate most likely will).

Proof of Residency. You may need proof of residency in the United States, proof of an address in the foreign country, or both. A recent utility bill, lease agreement or an ID with your address should work.

Startup Funds. Some banks often have minimum startup funds required for deposit

A student or work visa if you need one for the country.

A university letter or proof of school enrolment.

A letter of employment or employment contract.

Transferring Money

The easiest way to move cash from a domestic account to an overseas one is via wire transfer or digital wallet.

There are two codes being used for international transactions, and you might need one of each.

SWIFT code

The SWIFT code is a type of Bank Identifier Code (BIC) used to identify banks around the world. Your SWIFT or BIC code usually shows up on your account statements. You can also look up your code using a SWIFT code finder.

IBAN number

IBAN was first created to facilitate electronic payments between banks across the Eurozone. Since then, it has expanded worldwide, although not all banks and not all regions have joined the standard and you may still need to rely on alternative systems such as SWIFT instead. North American, Australian, and Asian countries do not use the IBAN for domestic money transfers, and will only do so when sending a payment to a country that has adopted the IBAN.

With Jeton Business you will be able to create your customised IBAN for your business as well. Here is how.

You need to follow only 3 steps:

1- Create a business profile: You may register a profile by entering your email address, creating a password, validating your phone number and entering the company profile information. By creating a business account, you can open a European account anywhere in the world. Not only can you make instant cross-border payments but also any companies or banks across the globe can fund your account in multi currencies.

2- Complete the application form: After creating a business profile, you should complete an online application form. Please make sure that you enter the authorised signatory name while confirming the e-signature on the form.

3- Upload the required documents: As the final step, you should upload the listed documents required from your company. Checking the documents list on this link might help you for a fast registration.

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Which B2B Payment Method to Choose for Your Business?

September 29, 2021

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Over the past decade, payment methods have evolved to support different consumer and business needs.

Think about your everyday shopping experiences. When you head out the door (or into a browser), you know you have multiple ways to make payments. Some of these options make it simpler and more seamless to pay, like virtual cards, mobile wallets, and buttons that complete transactions in one-click.

Which payment option you ultimately end up choosing can depend on a wide range of factors, such as transaction costs, speed, convenience, reliability, and security. By offering the right payment methods, you can reduce outstanding invoices, collect payments faster and more efficiently, and optimize your transaction costs.

Many payment methods carry hidden costs, additional fees, and require some level of manual labor. That’s why offering the right payment options to customers is important and should be structured depending on your business model and customer needs.

Find a payment solution that supports several payment methods and is compatible with your accounting software or system of record. The best payment options will help your business reach more customers while making your accounts receivable process easier to manage and scale.

B2B vs B2C Payments

People might think that all payments are the same. However, they are different depending on different business models. Understanding these differences will help you choose the most suitable B2B payment methods.

Volume: It is the most apparent difference between B2B and B2C payments. When it comes to selling business to business, customers usually place orders in bulk, which means that the amount of money paid is also much higher than B2C payments.

Contract: In the contract between businesses, payment terms including but not limited to the payment method to be used and the deadline for the payment process are clearly defined. On the contrary B2C payments do not involve such contracts between parties.

Payment postponement: B2B payments are usually made in large amounts, which requires durations longer than seconds contrary to personal payments. In this case, it often takes about 30 – 90 days to complete payment.

Payment method: Payment methods in B2C are more variable. Customers can freely choose any form that is convenient for them. The same does not apply to B2B payment methods and this is why payment methods for B2B need to be chosen more carefully.

Which B2B Payment is Right for Your Business?

The most common B2B payment methods are: cash, credit card, check, extending credit, payment gateways like Jeton and so on. In deciding which payment method is right for your business, it should be kept in mind that the biggest priority for small businesses is to increase cash flow as much as possible. Therefore small businesses should consider using B2B payment methods that reduce cash flow restrictions and risks.

Choosing a Global Payments Platform

To get the most out of international payments, you need to employ a tool with business intelligence. Choosing a global payments platform will improve efficiency, reduce labor costs, and speed up the AP process. Here are some main features to look for when choosing a system:

Mass Payment Processing

To get the most out of cross-border payments, you need a service that supports mass payment processing. Schedule thousands of payments according to multiple methods, in a single dashboard.

How Jeton Can Help?

Jeton is a UK-based company that believes money should have no borders. They specialize in global payments at a mid-market rate with no unexpected fees. It’s fast, secure, and simple to pay online without entering details. With Jeton Business, companies can have a customised IBAN and a multi-currency account for spending, accepting, and holding money. The platform is user-friendly and easy to navigate and transfers are fast and efficient.

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offshore account benefits

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Offshore Account Benefits

July 13, 2021

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Witnessing that everything can fall apart during Covid-19 pandemic, our beliefs in countries and current authorities took a knock. It is irreversible now! People have seen how fragile our holdings are. Maybe it was for the best to be an accelerator to convert our financial world into something limitless. The loss of trust in the system and fear of being custodian of savings into one particular spot triggered a Renaissance for offshore bank accounts and the service providing them. According to the latest research, overseas accounts have boomed 60% worldwide and the number of people who want to have a Plan B in this unstable and wild world increases day by day.

What is an offshore account? The usage of banking services in a foreign jurisdiction except the country where one resides is considered as engaging in offshore banking. For instance, if you are a Greek citizen and you create a bank account in Austria, this makes you an offshore account holder.

Why should I prefer offshore banking? 

Let’s list 7 reasons in the main titles.

1- Your own country!

In 2013, Cypriot expats were suddenly blocked from cashing out their own money out of their accounts and out of the country. How about capital controls Greece and Iceland in 2016? Retirement savings nationalizations in Poland, Hungary, Portugal, and Argentina? You have forgotten that Qatar was imposed an embargo by Saudi Arabia, The UAE, Bahrain and Egypt earlier this year? Citizens and investors of these countries had really hard times. There is no country which is totally safe nowadays. Thus, if you think your country is totally safe, think again! Your overseas account is an insurance policy for your financial future.

2- Get higher interest rates! Win more!

Many countries offer greater interest rates and other advantageous offers for reasonable deposits. Plus, you can find a wide selection of funds and investments which may not be available either in your residential country.

3- Protect your assets!

If you are facing a government agency or a frivolous lawsuit, an offshore account gives you resources you can rely on. It will also protect you from overzealous government agencies to block your assets. Is it fluke that The Legal Resource Network interfiles millions of lawsuits in the United States every year.

4-Less tax!

Offshore bank accounts serve expat tax advantages. They can vary from keeping your money outside of the tax jurisdiction to protecting it from taxes in the country in which you are currently residing.

5- Be served!

According to many offshore bank account policies, you will be given a highly personalised service and comprehensive online banking 24/7/365. Moreover, a private manager may be assigned for you, so you will have a contact whenever you need any kind of assistance. Therefore, you can experience top-quality customer service and you will feel secure.

6- Exchange with the best rates!

Thanks to the multi-currency accounts, transferring money between accounts will be quick and out of charge. Multiple offshore banks serve competitive foreign exchange rates compared to regular banks or other exchange services.

7- Have access to medical care abroad!

You are not satisfied with your country’s health system? Why not apply for health insurance to your offshore bank? Furthermore, in a scenario that you will need an urgent operation, it could be challenging or totally impossible to pay for the medical care you need in capital controls or blockades.

Which country should I choose for my offshore account? 

Please note that some countries and regions can have more advantages to have an offshore account. Countries such as Singapore, Belize, Cayman Islands and Switzerland provide favourable financial benefits including strong banking practices and regulations. Therefore, it really matters which country you choose to open your account. Switzerland and Singapore are widely known with their profitable and wide offshore investment selection whereas Belize enables its customers to make accounts online and deposit a low threshold.

Is it legal to have an offshore bank account? Absolutely! Forget what you may have heard so far! Unlike general misconception, offshore banking is completely legal. It is your right to open a bank account in other countries and have peace of mind.

In basics, there is no difference between an offshore account and a Jeton account. Most of these benefits are also valid for Jeton account holders. Plus, Jeton deposits and withdrawals are much more convenient according to an offshore account. Less paperwork, low transaction fees and costs are other advantages to consider. Why not prefer a reliable e-wallet over an offshore account? No reason! We are just a few clicks away!

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