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Here we are with the informative topics for valuable members of Jeton Business. Would you like to know more about top financial tech trends in 2021 and instant SEPA transfers in Jeton Business?

Instant Sepa Transfers are Available in Jeton Business

Instant SEPA Transfers are available in Jeton Business! Compared to a standard international payment, SEPA payment is a simpler and cheaper way to make Euro payments between the countries. You can send and receive Euro payments transfers in SEPA region instantly. You don’t need to wait for days anymore, even in weekends and holidays with this development. Your Jeton Business Euro IBAN supports instant SEPA transfers with no additional cost. 

We are always here to support the financial needs of your business and increase your speed with Instant SEPA transfers.

Top 5 Financial Tech Trends in 2021

Demand for Fintech and digital financial products, already rising steeply before the COVID-19 pandemic, was given even greater impetus during 2020 and is likely to have gained years of ground in what has been an extraordinary year. Moreover, it is expected that virtual payment and digital wallet solutions will take the lead in the financial services industry in 2021.

Here are the 5 trends that are likely to dominate in the Fintech world this year:

1. Digital banking will be a new norm

2. Biometric security systems

3. Blockchain technology will make transactions safer

4. Open Banking

5. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

If you want to learn more about Top 5 Financial Trends in 2021, please visit the link:

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